Marianist Ewa Beach House Guest Eligibility

Guest Eligibility for Ewa Beach


1) Special Guests: e.g. Cleaners, Maintenance, Property Manager etc.
2) Marianist Religious in Hawaii making retreats
3) Marianist Religious in Hawaii for rest and recreation
4) Marianist Religious from the mainland making retreats
5) Marianist Religious from the mainland for rest and recreation
6) Marianist Religious in Hawaii with their Family or Friends (expectation: they will host and spend time with their family and friends at Ewa Beach)
7) MLC members (as officially committed members of the Marianist Family) for day events and for overnight on a limited basis
8) Vocation Retreats
9) Marianist Lecture speakers & other official guests of SLS or CUH with a designated SM host who is responsible and available.
10) Campus Ministry Retreats from Chaminade and St. Louis with certain restrictions:
Must follow Vulnerable Person safety requirements
Marianist religious should be present
Only 3 cars for overnight groups
No more than 10 persons for overnight (house only has room for 7)
30 person limit for day use.
11) Other events from the ministries have the same above requirements including the presence of Marianist religious. Conclusion of event may not be extended for personal family gatherings
12) Generally not available for faculty and staff private use.
13) Ewa Beach House is not available for diocesan programs, family reunions and parties etc. (limited exceptions can be made for small events of local SM and their family provided there is SM Presence.)


Reservations are ordinarily limited to 10 days maximum (including only one weekend). (Reservations may not extend across two weekends)
#1 above has top priority.
Reservations are on a first come first serve basis for #’s 2 – 8
Reservations may be made 3 months in advance for #’s 9 – 10
Special case reservations can be made 1 month in advance.