Mystical Rose Oratory Wedding Policies

Mystical Rose Oratory – Wedding Policies:

Congratulations as you move forward in committing your life in the sacred sacrament of matrimony.  Since we are not a regular, fully staffed parish, we have a number of limitations concerning preparation and reception of sacraments.  We’d like to make you aware of a few things as you consider preparations for your wedding.

The Diocese of Honolulu only allows us to host Catholic weddings for current students, MRO Weddingstaff, faculty and alumni of Saint Louis School and Chaminade University, and those who attend our Sunday morning 10am Mass on a very regular basis.  If you wish to have your marriage at Mystical Rose Oratory, there is some preliminary information that we will need:

  1. Your relationship to Saint Louis School and/or Chaminade University
  2. Desire and eligibility for a Catholic wedding (either the bride or groom must be Catholic)
  3. If applicable, information concerning any previous marriages
  4. Where you live (If you do not live in Hawaii, you will need to go to the Diocese of Honolulu web page for details concerning out of state persons getting married in Hawaii.)
  5. Name and location of your parish
  6. Whether or not you have contacted a priest or deacon to preside at the ceremony
  7. What dates you are considering

If you have answers to these questions, you can contact one of the following:

Marianist Center of Hawaii  808-232-6691

Chaminade University Campus Ministry

Saint Louis School Campus Ministry

When you contact one of these entities, they will be able to handle some of your more specific needs.  For example, if you need a priest or deacon for the ceremony, they might be able to put you in touch with one of our priests on campus.  In any case, you will need to go to the diocesan web page where it lists what kind of preparation you will need for the sacrament.  It will also tell you what kind of documents are needed and what programs you will have to attend.  Ordinarily, you will need at one year to go through all of the steps of preparation.  In a few cases it can be done in 6 months.

Once you have 1) secured a priest or deacon; 2) made arrangements for your wedding preparation with him; 3) completed your Premarital Investigation Form under oath with your priest or deacon.  4) signed up for your required programs such as Engaged Encounter, you can begin the process for confirming a date at Mystical Rose.

Mystical Rose is ordinarily available for wedding rehearsals on weeknights. Weddings are ordinarily on a Saturday.  You can work with your contact at Chaminade or Saint Louis to find possible dates.  You will need to print our “Mystical Rose Reservation Form” and fill it out with the necessary information.  When that form is filled out and signed by the presiding priest or deacon, please mail it along with the suggested $750 non-refundable donation (make check out to “Marianist Center of Hawaiʻi”) and mail to:

Bro. Dennis Schmitz, S.M.
Marianist Center of Hawaiʻi
3140 Waialae Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816

Please note that no one will be turned away if unable to make a donation.  Please also note that the donation is separate from a stipend you may wish to give to the presider nor does it provide for music nor a wedding coordinator.

 If you are looking for a musician or musical group, you might consider contacting our choir director, Mr. Jim Muneno at jimuneno@gmail.comor call 808-679-2400.  He also has a musical group for weddings and funerals and they can be found on Facebook at

 Once we receive the necessary documents from the priest or deacon and the reservation form, the date can be confirmed and placed on the calendar.

For full details concerning a Catholic wedding, you can go to the Diocesan webpage at:

If it is an out of state priest and/or an out of state Sacramental Preparation Program, the priest must send all necessary documentation to the Diocese of Honolulu Chancery Office including proof that he is a priest in good standing in his diocese. Mystical Rose must received this documentation 3 months prior to the wedding. If the documentation is not received in that time frame, the deposit will be lost and the reservation cancelled.  More information for weddings where the priest and/or the couple are from out of state is available on the Diocese of Honolulu’s web page at: Getting Married in Hawaii.   In addition, out of state priests will need a license from the Hawaii Department of Health.

If this sounds confusing, please contact the Campus Ministry Offices at Saint Louis School or Chaminade University.